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Office of Living Things is a landscape research and design collective that uses the tools of landscape architecture to cultivate a culture of attention to the agencies, propensities, and complexities of living things. Through a methodology that intentionally muddies our own collective practices with the assemblages we find in our projects, we translate, draw, re-tell and re-invent stories at the intersections of nature and culture. Our research, fieldwork, and design emphasize direct engagement with site and community through a practice of radical listening--being outside, flexible, mobile, and open.

Works, Sharing, Teaching

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What is compost? Compost is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a fertile mixture of organic matter and the nutrients that feed it. It’s a MESSY pile of microbes, waste, decay and regeneration. Most importantly, it’s alive! It’s breathing, digesting, evolving, making space and smells and sounds—it’s a model for how to live together.

To build off this potential, we’d like to encourage a workshop/dinner/discussion series based in Brooklyn where folks get together to have a meal, make something together, and talk about ideas and projects.