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Office of Living Things is a landscape research and design collective that uses the tools of landscape architecture to cultivate a culture of attention to the agencies, propensities, and complexities of living things. Through a methodology that intentionally muddies our own collective practices with the assemblages we find in our projects, we translate, draw, re-tell and re-invent stories at the intersections of nature and culture. Our research, fieldwork, and design emphasize direct engagement with site and community through a practice of radical listening--being outside, flexible, mobile, and open.

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in OASE 110: The Project of the Soil
Teresa Galí-Izard, Bonnie-Kate Walker, Cara Turett, Luke Harris

“By tending to roots we open the possibility for ground as a living meshwork, in which the roots, as well as humans, are beings that mutually construct the ground they inhabit."

Roots are the actors that construct the living rhizosphere. By aerating, structuring and adding organic matter to the mineral substrate, roots create soil through partnerships with other living organisms. To see the city from the perspective of the root requires a cognitive shift. This article explores the growth patterns and relationships of roots and proposes a new language for the street that enables roots to create a living soil through the transformation of the ground they inhabit.